Pastor St. Clair just returned from a ministry trip to the high mountains in southern Haiti. He was visiting a new church in the small village of Thiotte near the Dominican Republic border. The area has a population of 23,041 inhabitants. At over 3,000 feet this mountain region is hilly with cool nights and fertile land for growing bananas, grapefruit and oranges. It is also the perfect environment for growing coffee. With coffee consumption up and a shrinking supply of beans worldwide driving up prices, Haitian coffee is once again becoming a hot commodity.

Since there is no Internet service in the village the pastor was not able to send us any reports in the last two months. He has just returned to Port-au-Prince and filed this report.

July 31th. I greet you all in the name of Jesus-Christ our savior.

I write to let you know that I have come back from the church of the mountain Thiotte after a long stay of two months there, the story is long: The church is very big with a number of 675 people, 400 women, 200 men and 75 children. I had a very good stay with them, they are good people, they were very nice to me, they love and respect me, they took care of me every day, they fed me, they gave me everything that I need every day. We have a good church people on the mountain Thiotte, praise God!

During my stay on the mountain, I have preached a revival of 15 days, 32 people have accepted Jesus as their personal savior, I have baptized 25 people in the water for God. I have organized and teached a seminar with 60 leaders of the church, we have 20 preachers, 30 evangelists, and 10 deacons in the church of Thiotte.

I have laid hands on 11 sick people, God healed all of them praise Jesus! Before I came back to Port-au-Prince, I have celebrated a marriage in the church, these are good news I report to you, but I have bad news too:

Here are the bad news:

- I brought my camera with me and took pictures of everything to send for you, unfortunately while I was on the way to Port-au-Prince, somebody stole my bag, I lost my camera, my cell phone and my bible, etc.
- I am really sorry for these bad news, I cannot send any pictures to you.

All my love
Pastor St Clair St Laurent

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Haiti Proverb: The rocks in the water don’t know the misery of the rocks in the sun. Translated, it means one must walk in another man’s shoes to understand him.

We hope by reading the blog posted you will have a better understanding as to what is happening in Haiti. Pastor St, Clair, our lead pastor for Light of the World Ministries in Haiti, will be posting reports as he travels throughout Haiti checking on each of our 12 churches. As you walk in his shoes you may begin to understand the daunting challenges of a struggling Haitian economy, high unemployment, and public institutions and ministries that are barely able to provide essential services. More and more organizations and Christian ministries have left the island.

Pastor St. Clair’s sends his latest report:

“Pastors, I’ll go to the mountain church on Thiotte for one month to preach and teach the gospel.

Here are my April reports to you.
- We are going to have congress elections this coming November in Haiti
- Our country Haiti is still not rebuilt yet after the earthquake.
- Many people have been kidnapped here
- Many people still don’t have job
- We still have many problems, many needs, etc.
- I have organized the associate meeting with all the ministers
- I have baptized nine (9) people in the water for God.
- Eleven people have accepted Jesus as their personal Savior”